Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lightheaded Beds Giveaway! runs 4/7 - 5/17

LightHeaded Beds 

LightHeaded Beds[/caption] LightHeaded Beds gave me the best opportunity to work with them on a giveaway with their awesome beds. You will win a TWIN bed in shaker or Canterbury in WHITE. LightHeaded Beds use interchangeable HeadLightz back-lit graphics that can change as a child discovers new interests. Lightheaded Beds turn a child’s room into a magical place. Their HeadLightz backlit graphics illuminate a room enough to read in bed and can be dimmed to allow young kids to fall asleep beneath the cozy glow of the Lightheaded Bed headboard. They offer a wide variety of sheets for the headboard that lights up, in all rangers from themes, colors, designs, Disney and so many more. The bed only takes about 30 minutes to put up. Just plug it in, point the remote and have fun playing with the neat settings. You will have the opportunity as well to use a 20% code for a bed from now through May 17th. In the meantime enter this awesome giveaway for a chance to WIN a kids bed.  This would be a great opportunity for anyone with young ones that wants something to Brighten up a room with a little extra Light.

.LightHeaded Bed

LightHeaded Bed

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kindle Fire HD 6 Review

I recently got a chance to review a Kindle Fire HD 6 and several books.  I was super excited about this opportunity and I am a big fan of ebooks.  Generally I read them on my computer or Ipad, or my cell phone, but the downside is sometimes those apps update and then I get a white screen and im stuck not being able to read my ebooks further.  How frustrating is that right? Well the Kindle Fire HD 6 is a power packed Ebook reader and tablet in one.  It has super fast browsing, apps, and of course the Kindle reader itself.  I love this Kindle. I can read my books, it knows where I leave off on each book unless I tell it to forget (YAY!) and I can seamlessly go back and forth to my apps like Facebook or Pinterest and then back to reading with little to no delay.  The color is vibrant. Games load super fast and it also has a nice camera. As you can see in the above images, I shot pics with and without flash so you can see just how bright and clear the display is!

I have been using this now for a week. My daughter is a huge fan of the games and I love that I have access to my entire Amazon account so all the books I have I can read and move on and off the cloud to save space on the device. Very nice!  I also purchased a case to make it nice and portable and keep it safe.

The other thing I love about this Kindle is that it is rated to withstand dropping from heights and pressure so I know this device will be around a very long time.  If you would like to get one today you can purchase one from Amazon and have it personalized for you and have your amazon account already added for you also. You can also purchase it as a gift where the reciever can add their account once they get it.  Lots of options and you will love the Silk Browser.  Super fast and will also allow FLASH. Not many tablets do that!

Do you love videos, apps, games, and more? This is definately the device for you.

Check it out and be sure to please let us know how you like the review. Also if you are an amazon user that loves Ebooks or an owner of a kindle. Tell us your thoughts.

Thank you so much.

Disclosure - The items described above were recieved in exchange for an open and honest review. Recieving items does not change my opinon of the product/s reviewed. I only review items I feel would be a good fit for my reader base and their families.