Friday, May 29, 2015

InstaNatural Essential Oils Review (Peppermint and Lemon)

I am a huge fan of Essential Oils. I was very excited to get a chance to try InstaNatural Essential oils as I love this brand and stand by it as a wonderful brand that is true to its customers and really knows what quality is about.  When I had a chance to review, I could not wait to try these great oils.

First of all, They are potent! When the box arrived I knew immediately what was in it even though those bottles were sealed nice and tight. You could smell the lemon and the peppermint right thru the packaging. I was a little worried initially that they had spilled. But it was just THAT strong.

These oils I have used to help with headaches by rubbing some peppermint around the temples and forehead, I have used them in my wax burners to let them go thru a room and help with sinus congestion. The lemon I have used with vinegar mix to help clean things in my home and freshen linens and curtains. There are so many uses for essential oils I could not possibly list them all however, if you do a fast google search you can find a number of great uses for them from cleaning, healing and more to pest control and repellants.  The best part of all is they are 100% Natural!

Can't get much better then that!  Essential oils are also great for aromatherapy and more!

What is your favorite essential oil? Please leave me a comment. Do you have a favorite blend?

Think about adding Instanatural Essential Oils to your arsenal of healing and theraputic concoctions. They are sure to please.  You can purchase them below.

Instanatural Essential Oils

There is now an Oil Infuser for sale as well.

If you love these and want to know more about the brand follow InstaNatural:

They make awesome health and beauty products that are sure to please!

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Pura d'or Hair & Body Care Review

Hi everyone.  I had an opportunity to review Pura d'or hair care products.  This particular set was to help with hair loss and to help increase hair strength.  With argon oil this great product worked wonders for me.  I have thyroid conditions that has caused my hair to be almost impossible to grow and it has been super thin as well. Now after using this product for several months I can see considerable changes in my hair and I will show you the images below.  These products are free of parabens, gluten and SLS and are all natural as well. What can beat that? How about REAL RESULTS!!!!  That is exactly what I got. Check out my pictures below and see for yourself.  I took extra time with this review just so that I could have good visible results for you all. In both images, no hair products, no hair treatments like straightener or anything like that and also no makeup. All natural, all real results.

Before Pur Do'r Shampoo. My hair was thin and straight.

After. It has gotten quite a bit longer, and its much thicker and fuller. It looks closer to how I looked in my early 20s and I am almost 33. My hair is alot closer to pre children thickness now.

One thing I can say also is that I have lost a lot less hair then I had been used to. My hair is much stronger and it is actually growing. I had my hair cut 3 years ago to my ears and it wouldn't grow much at all. Since using these hair care products I can say I am much happier now that I am not always cleaning hairballs out of my shower drain.  My hair feels a lot more healthy also as its not feeling dry and brittle anymore either.

They have a number 1 rating on Amazon and I can see why as the products clearly work and I am excited to have been a part of this review process to see the results first hand.

Pura D'or is a wonderful brand and you should check them out if you suffer any kind of thinning or weak hair.  You can VIEW PURA D'OR Products  and see for yourself just how amazing they are!

You can also follow this great brand on:

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Vita Sciences Maxasorb Vitamin B12 Cream Review

Are you tired of taking B12 pills? What if you could get the same benefits but thru a cream?  That is exactly what Vita Sciences Maxasorb Vitamin B12 Cream is.  It is a pretty amazing product that goes on smooth and absorbs super fast.  It leaves no odor behind and works pretty fast. You can feel the B12 boost pretty quick also.  I happen to enjoy this particular easy to use B-12 Serum and will use it til its done and plan to order more as it really is super easy to use and doesn't interfere in my daily routine.

Each bottle holds a full 30 days supply and works very similar to how B-12 patches work.
Each application (2 Pumps) gives you 320 Micrograms of B-12, 120 micrograms of B3,and 10 Micrograms of folate.

Pretty great huh? I sure think so and it helps keep your energy level more balanced thru the day. It also helps to soothe, itchy, dried, irritated areas of skin from eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues. So if you suffer from these this is a product to try for sure!

This product also help with anti aging and wrinkle reduction. It also helps support the renewal of new skin cells so this can also be a great addition to your normal beauty regime.  If you want to know more and see what this great company has to offer you can follow them below.

Vita Sciences

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bait and switch on EBAY!!! BUYERS BEWARE!

Hello everyone. I just had an experience on Ebay that I would not want anyone to ever have to go thru like I just did.  I purchased 2 items. I will be posting the pics to show you that I paid for them and had a expected shipping date as well...

The seller refunded me and then sent me a message stating they had already done so as you can read in the above picture. Below is the refunds.

After the refunds were made, the notification i got from Ebay showed I needed to PAY for my items as you can see above.  So that made me check Paypal to make sure that my payments went thru. And that is how I discovered the refunds.

 The sellers store no longer shows the same listings I purchased. They removed them and reset them. Ebay was not able to find them to fix this because of the Bait and Switch.

As you can see in the first image and in this one, I was given a rushed apology after they already screwed me and knew it was done. I am beyond livid that this is allowed. As a jewelry designer, if I ever had a mistakely priced something I would still honor what was listed because that is my fault as a seller and I should have to take ownership for that problem. Not be like well lets cancel this order and you just dont get an item. Very bad business.

Here you can see others have had the same problem with this seller and they came back stating they were getting blackmailed.  Seems like alot of bait and switch going on and not wanting to honor thier prices.

My reply to them based on this ordeal... Just so that there is nothing to be misread here...

Then the seller decided to go into PAYPAL and refund my transaction that over rides the EBAY system and cancelled my orders without any disputes.  I just went thru 3 tiers of Ebay escalations about this and apparently if you are a seller and have done the agreement of seller protocal they are supposed to contact the buyer to ask if it can be cancelled but if they go direct to paypal and refund it they can BYPASS this system and I am not the only one they have done this to.

Now mind you I get that people make mistakes. I also get the items are worth more, However when I have purchased items on Ebay before at a deep discount I expect things that are either irregular or maybe missing parts and for the price I was willing to deal with that.  But to have my orders cancelled and NO contact and then a lame excuse AFTER they bypassed Ebay protocal just upsets me to no end. I feel like I was played. Bait and switch. Lure your customers in with 8 items at $3 and then cancel those orders to jack the prices up. Bad bad business and BTW Ebay wont help you.  I went thru 3 kinds of escalations. And all told me that the seller went against Ebay regulations and would be shown in seller feedback for it. But I cannot even get to make feedback so, I am sharing with all of you so YOU also dont get duped by this seller.

The seller name is Bargainsopping.  And No I did not misspell that either. I should have known better when I read the name and it was plainly mispelled. But the pictures show it all and there they come.

Sorry to let you all know but Ebay apparently has let Sellers exploite the system now.


Sorry I been MIA.

Hello friends and followers,
I know I been MIA but I have been pretty sick for a few months and so blogging was really hard for me to do with as many siezures as I have had.  I am currently fighting a staph/mrsa infection in my leg after i had a reaction to neosporin.  So yet another thing I have be found to be allergic to. However, I have been keeping up with smaller reviews on Amazon. I will be moving some of them to the blog shortly as I have been really busy with the shorter reviews for amazon but havent had time to take pics and links and whatnot to make ful blog posts BUT I have lots of exciting items for you all to see.  Check my Amazon Profile to see what I have been up to.

There has been a trip to Massachusettes, and then back home, got Gena here and that was a really long drive especially with lupus as my hip decided to fall out of place during the drive.  And now kids are out of school for the summer.  So things are even more busy here.  But anyhow I wanted to share what has been going on and also give you a heads up, I will be writing a great post for @bestbuy and you have got to be ready to check this.

I also have been super busy cutting stones as normal and so if you are interested in seeing my new items for sale from +Jtcreationz you totally need to go to my album and see what you want.

Here is my Facebook page for JTCREATIONZ
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I also will work on custom orders.

And if you have computers that are running rough I can handle that too. I have been laid up dealing with my legs so I have extra time to do some computer work now.
Hit me up at Jtcreations Remote Computer Assistance.

I have beaten every price locally for computer repair and I have a 5 star review on my page. I also will barter if you have stone or jewelry supplies I can use for my business.

Talk to you all later!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Instanatural Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Instanatural is a brand I just can not get enough of. Every product I have tried from them has become a person favorite and I love to spread the word.  The mud mask is really nice. it goes on smooth, It dries pretty quick and you can feel it tightening as it dries.

Dead sea mud is full of vitamins and minerals that are great for skin like magnesium, bromine, sodium, potassium, and calcium.  This is great for helping get rid of dead cells and brightens your skin also. It works hard to take toxins out of your body and clean acne. If you have excess oils or other impurities let this mask do its job and detox your face.

The other benefit of this mask is it can be used on other parts of the body and it can sooth muscle aches and pains. I have been using this mask on a sore on my leg as well to help pull the infection out of it and it has made a pretty big difference.

If you would like to get your hands on this great mask you need to check out Instanaturals Dead Sea Mud Mask.

You will not be sorry.  I have used and love these products for months now and got behind on several reviews becasue of my health issues. I am trying to get caught back up now to bring you all even more awesome products. Stay tuned!

You can also follow Instanatural as well.


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Friday, May 8, 2015

Argan Oil Hair Mask Review

Argan oil is amazing.  This hair mask is even more amazing. I am a huge fan of instanatural products.I have pretty dry hair and sometimes it gets super oily. It never seems to want to work my way after shampooing. I have used many kinds of shampoos and herbal rinses and my hair seems to feel stripped or just over dry.  I was excited to try this hair mask out.

Here is more info about this Instanatural Argan Oil hair mask.

It is a deep conditioning treatment that is made to make dry damaged hair into softer and more shiney healthy hair.  It has restorative ingredients such as Argan oil, Japanese Green Tea and Amino Acid Comples, Coconut oil and Shea butter, Jojoba oil, avacado oil and B5.  This powerful blend works together get deep into the hair and nurish and hydrate your hair. It also helps to defend against heat damage and external agressors as well that would further damage your hair.

Not only myself but my friend Gena has tried this product as well as she has bleached and color treated hair.  We found that the mask adds considerable softness to our hair and in her case made her hair no longer feel like straw which was a big improvement over its normal condition as she colors often.

If you or someone you know is looking for a great way to get healthier hair in a simple mask that is gentle enough to be used weekly, this is definately the product for you.  It smells amazing and a little goes a long way so you will be able to use one container of it for a very long time.

How to use a hair mask?

1) Wet hair and wash
2) Rinse well
3) apply hair mask
4) I generally wash my body and shave while I let the mask sit for about 5 mins. You can leave it on longer.
5) Rinse mask out of hair thoroughly
6) Towel dry and style as usual and enjoy softer healthier hair!

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