Sunday, November 10, 2013

Book Review : Too Much Information - David Haskell

Too Much Information by David Haskell is quite a piece of work. I started reading and at first I was really confused but as I continued especially in the end half of the book, I literally could not put it down.

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Now On to the review!!!!

In a world where society is technologically advanced, we worry more and more about our privacy. A bomber in his effort to terrorise the nations sets off a huge chain of events.  It brings up the ideas of what kind of security measures could we come up with to prevent this from happening again. This technothriller pushes the limits in ways most of us would not even imagine.  How would you feel if suddenly our whereabouts were no longer a secret. How would someone track us? 

This book offers lots of ideas and I am sure some of them are not far off from our future.  This book weaves a tale of a woman named Rosa that works in an airport and unknowingly uncovers information that begins to change her life.

I don't want to ruin this book for you. You literally have to read it and make sure you read it carefully.  There is suspence, at times you might be slightly confused. I was but that was cleared up as I kept reading.

TMI or Thermo- Magnetic Imaging is the new future technology in this book that is aimed at preventing terrorist attacks.  It is meant to prevent potentially sick individuals from infecting others as well as checking for weapons, drugs and other bad items that people could potentially be carrying.

Sounds wonderful right?  What if this TMI did exactly what the acronym suggests and collects way too much information? How would you feel then?  This book explores the possibilities on what the government could cook up to save us for terrorists, or on the flip side possibly control our every move?

Have I gotten your attention yet?

Rosa seems to be targeted to be fired at her job and in that respect gets an attourney to dig deeper. During the course of this book they go on a mis-adventure into digging into security files and so much more to prove her job was doing more then meets the eye. How much can one woman take?  They go thru hoops trying to gather more and more information before the company can crank down on them. But its too late they have the information to track her attourney.  As you see them wheel and deal to get back to the court they have to use friends and possibly adversaries to get the information into the right hands.

Who will win out in the end? The worker or the company? Will Rosa get her job back or will the company go thru great lenghts to keep her and her friends mouths shut forever?

If you want to know. Purchase the book!!!

I rate it 5/5. 

Can't wait for more from you sir! 

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