Saturday, July 2, 2016

Holiday Weekend Animal Harm from Evil Person/s. (Warning some images are graphic)


My dogs stay outside in their own yard with a nice covered back porch so they have their own space. My poor boy Jasper got out when he was scared from the sound of fireworks. Generally if he is able to get out he stays close to home and lets himself back into the yard so I do not worry about it. He is generally gone all of maybe 5 minutes. I open the backdoor and hes wagging at me. This was not the case today. Before I tell you this story.... here is a bit about Jasper and how he became my foster failure.

A little back story. I rescued Jasper as an emergency foster several years ago. He was used as a pitbull bait dog. This is what he looked like the first day I met him. An afraid dog that nearly wet himself each time he was touched or crated.

I got him used to us and my dogs and he became more social but still scared of people and no idea how to be a dog.

Over the last several years i have worked hard with him and he has bonded with me and my son the most. Anyone else he stays back 10-12 feet and won't come near a human he does not know.  He has gotten used to my neighbors and will even take snacks from them now.  Here is Jasper with one of our other dogs Cocoa. He is bonded with her now and even shares the same crate.

Cocoa and Jasper

OH my human!!!! We love Jackson!!!!!

But Cocoa I was here first!!!!

Here is a Video of my boy Jasper with my son.

Now here is why I write this post today. My boy got scared and jumped.  This is how he came back into our yard. Covered in burn marks and wounds. In pain around his mouth, eyes, and half his neck.
To have been able to do this to him someone must have cornered him and restrained him to even get this close to him. I feel that the person with the mindset to hurt a poor animal that would not even come close to them and do this kind of damage is a special kind of evil. My poor baby is in pain and as its a weekend I can not even get him into a vet so we are treating his wounds here til I can reach on one Monday or Tuesday as its a holiday weekend. I beg you during this season and halloween bring your furkids in. I never would have dreamed this could happen to my poor guy. He doesn't bother anyone. He is a good but very shy and scared dog that was just starting to realize people are friends. Now that this has happened I do not know if he will trust another person again. He still loves me and allowed me to clean and dress his wounds and treat him and hes at my feet as we speak. But what kind of person can do this and still look in the mirror and not be discusted. This is my story and please share. I will update as he heals. This is what true abuse looks like and I am horrified. What if this was a child? If someone could do this to him, what are they doing to other animals, kids, excetra.

Burns around eyes and muzzle

Skin and fur melted and missing on his neck

Raw skin and burned flesh on the other side of his neck.

We have been treating him and hes resting right now.

I have already alerted the cops and made a report complete with pictures and will update if they catch this cruel person or possibly persons. Please share for awareness and if you have any information regarding abuse of pets in Collinsville OK please share to the CPD 918-371-1000 Thank you!

As of July 5th 2016... He has been seen by the vet. She took really good care of him and had to shave his neck to treat his wounds.

A beautiful soul donated to his vetcare to get him seen during a holiday weekend and hes doing much better. Robyn is an animal lover and such an angel. I can never even express how much her love and generousity means to me and my family. Jasper was able to be seen much faster and already on the road to recovery now.

Here are updated pictures.

Dr Squibb and her team shaved him good and debrided all the damaged areas. He was very good thru it all.

I highly recommend this vet office! Very awesome team and very gentle with him.

Large vet bill and 2 different treatments for Am and Pm. But hes doing well.

Treatment day 1. Pm cleanup and review. Redness has calmed down alot but still has skin falling off.

He is so sad and just looks miserable. I feel so bad for my poor baby,

After he got his treatments he fell asleep. But hes been resting a lot.

Day 2

He is perking up and starting to look much better and less miserable.

Hes following me around the house and hanging around my feet when I sit down.

Here he is now relaxing under my desk at my feet.

I will continue to update as he shows improvement.  Please think about your furkids. This happened simply because he was afraid and jumped out of my yard. Some sick person decided he was a target for play. It can happen to anyone. Don't let your babies get caught like mine did.