Sunday, October 28, 2018

Bliss Dealer - Book Review

Bliss dealer is a different take on human trafficking. The way the general public sees trafficking is people are kidnapped and then sold into sex slavery. In this story, the way things happen are totally different.  Nicole is being paid to marry a man. He will be chosen carefully and her family will be paid handsomely for her to be married. Dingo takes Nicole and begins to coach her for 3 months on how to be the best wife and companion she can be. Her teachers take time to hear her take on what shes learn
ed and also to see what she thinks on her own about what a man would want in a potential wife.  What Dingo doesnt know is there is a secret about Nicole that the filipino knew about before choosing her. Her secret stays that way until a Special Agent tries to get Dingo to go to jail for his trafficking. There is a love story built into this complex book. It is worth the read to see what all you can learn about the behind the scenes of in effect a mail order bride. Where would you stand after reading this book? Do you think you would be ok with this form of trafficking or would you still throw it in the same category of sex trafficking, I would love to hear your thoughts on this book in the comments!

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