Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Joly Life Wakeup Juice Recipe

Joly Life Juicing Recipe!

Wakeup Juice!
4 Large Carrots
1 large stalk of Celery with leaves still on
Optional 1-green apple

This juice wakes you up really fast and if you are not much for veggie juices alone the green apple cuts thru and gives it a mild and natural sweetness.  Very yummy and has beta carotene, vitamin A, B complex, D, E, K, C, Iron, Calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium and maganese, 


You can also save the pulp and turn them into a veggie or fruit sauce...(think applesauce consistancy) or you can use the pulp in your garden as fertilizer.

Mamma Chia Cherry Charge Review

Hello followers!

I have gotten into looking for healthier ways to get protein so I can get the most out of my food and beverages.

One of the new things I have tried was a brand called Mamma Chia and I love the flavor o this brand.
I have tried lots of the beverages offered and my favorite recently is the Cherry Charge as pictured below.

If you want to try a way to spruce up your drinks you should check out this brand.  It is very tasty and good for you.

Using Chia and energy from Guayusa and fresh juices you get a wonderful boost of energy without the crash. You also get a boost of 2500 omega 3s. This was great for me as my Dr is asking me to take omega 3 suppliments for my eyes.  Now I can get them in a delicious drink as well.

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"Seed your soul" Today!

Disclaimer - The Joly Life recieved no compensation for this review. This is my honest and unbiased opinion. "seed your soul" quote from Mammachia.com. As always I love to bring new products to my audience.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Live in an Apartment? Suffer with roaches. MUST READ!

Hello everyone.

So today I have a product to tell you about that is amazing. This is a touchy subject for many people because it involves bugs. Now let me tell you first hand ANYONE can get roaches. No matter how clean your house is. Climate can get them to fun inside, water leaks, cracks in your foundation. You will be surprised. So here we go.  We moved into our house about 5 years ago and we saw one or two roaches. I was able to get rid of the few with combat gel and the female egg stoppers. But recently we had an issue with water leaks and I discovered that we were not as finished with roaches as we first thought.

I have been battling them the last few months with 0 success. I was getting so sick and tired of them and then it just seems like they are laughing at us and just getting worse. My issue with this mess was a leaking washer that I am still fighting with to fix completely. I was at my wits end and about to try an exterminator when I found a product that finally works.

I am writing this because I literally can not believe the carnage. It is scary to think what looked like a small roach issue is actually a bigger one once you can see them dying and their friends carrying them off to feed the real army of buggers hiding in your walls.  Ok I know this sounds outrageous but honestly it really works.

Being a reviewer I checked reviews first and found conflicting answers.  The product is called Advion.

 It was made by Dupont and was in a red container. (see image)

The new stuff comes in a blue container and the reviews stated the RED was like roach crack and the BLUE didn't work so I was bit iffy on trying it but decided to see because those reviews were several years old. I figured if they read their reviews they would know to go back to old formula. I am glad to say I was right. THEY ARE THE SAME PRODUCT!!

So anyhow. I have been using this product for less then 24 hours. I have watched carnage.  I am sweeping multiple times a day and they are either dead or dying. They run in circles like they are drunk. Here is another thing. You know how with the average household gels you are back a month later and cleaning up what was never eaten?  Um, I was shocked to say the least that ALL of the bait was GONE in less then 24 hours.  It literally is like a feast for them. I expected to see the bait drying out or nasty by morning. I can find no traces of it and the second it is down, they come out from everywhere even places you could not think they could even get into.

I ordered 4 more tubes of  Advion. I figure this. I paid $11 for one tube and $27 for 4 of the same size tubes. Based on other success stories with this product they claim carnage the first several days and by the end of a week it is almost full kill. Updated reviews claim that total kill happens in less then a week and they bought extra too and only put it down maybe once or twice a year.  And only if they see something. This product has also been used in apartments where total kill is near impossible due to how others live or how long an infestation has been rampant in a building.

This has been the answer to my prayers and it is easy to place the bait and walk away but be ready for the carnage that will follow and you can laugh knowing they are dying and once they are gone you have something that will kill the total populace. I am so happy with this product that I had to share. I did not receive any compensation for this post. I am just thrilled and relieved that there really is something out that that kills them like it says it does and I won't have to get an exterminator for the next who knows how many years. This product deserves not 5 stars but literally 10 stars because it does exactly what it claims and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Very easy to apply and cleanup is virtually none (other then the dead roaches) as the product does its job.

I hope this will help you all as you start families, move into places unknown, or get your own dreaded used appliance that came with *friends*. We all have dealt with this pests at one point or another and now you don't have to worry anymore. Want more info? Here is the PDF from Dupont about how this product works.


Follow SYNGENTA  for more info. They are the new carriers of this product!


Monday, August 1, 2016

IS My Child Ready for a Cell Phone Giveaway. Ends 8-21

Is My Child Ready For A Cell Phone Giveaway

This is a huge question now-a-days. There is the worry of when your kid is dropped off somewhere. If something happens at school can you get a hold of your child? What about the child having divorced parents and you want to get a hold of them? Let's not forget peer pressure. Some how I managed my youth without a cell phone. We used house phones or payphones. But both are a thing of that past. Many households don't even have landlines. There are questions to ask, to know if your child is ready for a cell phone. Sprint is there for parents to help tackle tough questions.

Average Age Of Kid With A Cell Phone.

When I read this I was shocked. If this is the average, what is the low age? 8? That means either you have to have a very responsible kid or make sure you have a customized phone to protect your kid. There are a lot of predators on social media. If you are in doubt take the Online Quiz Sprint offers to help parents make informed decisions. There is even a customized parent-child mobile contract to set parameters and agree upon rules and limits. 64 percent of kids already have internet access via personal tablets/laptops. According to Sprint 1 in 2 kids will have a social media account by age 12. I think in the last year that number is higher. So, when is your child ready for a cell phone? In my case they will have one for emergencies but it will not be a smartphone. That is just my opinion. My kids have access to data devices like tablets so don't really need the extra functions that a smart phone provides.
  Questions To Ask Yourself:
  1. What will my child be using this phone for? Is it a want or a need?
  2. What rules do I want in the cell phone contract?
  3. What will happen if my child breaks the rules?
  4. Do I want my child to have full access to the internet or what restrictions am I setting up the phone with? Do I want my child to have social media? If yes, make sure you write all user names and passwords in the contract.
  5. Make sure to discuss what to do if cyber-bullying happens.
cell phone Check out Sprint's Kid's First Phone website for expert advice, online quiz and other resources. Learn about all the social media sites out there and the cautions about each one.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram (most tweens and teens have this).
  • Tumblr.
  • SnapChat (known for by sex offenders to search for children- my kids are not allowed to have it).
  • KIK.
  • Periscope.
  • Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn (mostly business networking for adults).
  • Google+
  • YouTube.
  • Vine.
  • Reddit (and Sub-Reddit groups).
  There are new ones created all the time. Stay current with the latest social media and make sure you know which ones your kids are on. Right now one lucky person will win a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. An awesome giveaway by Sprint. Winner must be of the age 18-years-old, or older and live in the Continental. U.S. To enter simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Giveaway

samsung galaxy note 5
This phone is unactivated but not unlocked with Sprint as the carrier.samsung galaxy note 5
  a Rafflecopter giveaway %image_alt%
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