Rockin' Treasures Sales

We are a group of people that are addicted to rocks. Finding them, collecting them, cutting them and making them into pieces of beautiful artwork and jewelry. If this sounds like you then we are the group for you. We offer buy and sales as well as trades. Come and join us today.
If you are a lapidary artist or a jewelry maker. Come check out Rockin' Treasures.  Always has slabs for sale, rough stones, finished jewelry, and cabochons for sale for all the wire wrappers out there.

Want Samples of what is to offer? Here are some pictures!

Do you need Slabs and rough we have albums for that as well, friends.

ROUGH -Are materials that can still be cut from raw state into slabs for making cabochans.

SLABS - Slabs are slices of rock that are ready to be cut into pretty cabochans or tumbled into nice pieces for collectors or for cabbers.

If you need Cabochans for making beautiful peices we have several albums that get updated regularly as they are purchased.

Are you new to the world of rocks? Well here is what ROUGH looks like and we will add albums for that as well. If you want to stay up with what we are doing. Join the group and follow the hashtag - #rockintreasures across all social media platforms.

Sherry's Cabs -  She is the owner of Rockin Treasures Lapidary. These are gorgeous and make a very nice addition to any collection. Perfect for rings or even bracelets, bezel or even prong setting. Make sure you check out this wonderful woman's cabs.  Come join us and buy or sell your own pieces.

Robbies Cabs - She is the owner of Regal Jewelry Design and makes lovely pieces. Each is a unique piece and many are freeformed and sure to please your customers!  Have a look. You won't be dissapointed. If you view her shop you can also see her finished pieces for sale! Be sure to like her page!


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