Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bestbuy brings you NEST to connect your home to you!

Ok so this has got to be the most innovative thing I have ever used.  I received a Nest Thermostat from BestBuy and using it I was a bit confused but now I really like it.  First of all it learns my habits.  I love that it gives me the temperature outside based on my zip code as well.  I can take a glance at it and it will give me the daily update on the thermostat itself. I also no longer need to worry about batteries dying in it because this one does not require them.  Another really awesome thing is when I change the air temperature to a lower setting it tells me what time it will return it to the normal preference for the home.  It is so simple to use and because it learns, it prevents my children from  messing the temperature up and I come home to it running non stop, or being too cold, or being too hot. Also, it will tell you how long it has ran that day as well.  I am excited to see that because it means that instead of it running on autopilot like the others I have had in the past, it will run based on need and so far is only running half of the time that my old one did.  We have noticed it doesn't need to kick on nearly as much and the home is still at a very comfortable temperature.  So what is this thing? Allow me to show you!

This is how it looks when it is being used.  When no one is near it, the Nest goes dark. It senses someone near it and it will turn on and light up so you can see the temperature. When you see the leaf it means it is at a energy saving temperature.

Away mode as you can see will allow Nest to go into a temperature saving mode until you turn it back onto Home mode.  This device is going to pay for itself in the savings. The great thing about this device is you can control it from your cell phone using the Nest App.  You can learn more about it using the Fact Sheet.
Here is my thermostat and you can see just how nice it looks as well.

Nest Learning Thermostat :

  • This is the new 3rd generation version, which is thinner, sleeker in design, and allows for a bigger, crisper display than the prior 2nd generation version.
  • To get the most out of your Nest, connect to your existing home’s Wi Fi network and download the free app from iTunes or GooglePlay – this allow you to manage your home’s temp from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, even when you're miles away
  •  Never come home to a cold house. You can easily turn down the temp when traveling, or set it to warm up your home before you come home
  • You can set it to accommodate your schedule and temperature preferences
  • Or, do not set preferences – within a week, the Nest learning thermostat starts programming itself. It learns your habits and adjusts automatically, regulating your home’s temperature based on your schedule 
  •  In independent studies, the Nest saved an average of 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling bills.
  • Nest provides your energy usage, tracking how much you've used and provides tips that will help you conserve. Make an energy-saving temperature adjustment and the Nest Leaf will notify you immediately.
  • Some local utility companies offer rebates.
  • Nest provides alerts and reminders for peace of mind: it monitors your heating/cooling equipment, and tells you if anything is not working correctly. You can also be alerted if your home's temperature goes above or below limits you set.
  • Nest also works with Nest products, such as the Nest Cam and Protect, and other home automation devices

Also during this time, Best buy wanted to make sure we have the best internet possible and set me up with a really awesome Netgear router!  This has actually made my home more connected by alleiviating dead spots.  I had issues with my old modem/router combination. I could not stream my tv station from the Roku, or the PS3 without a lot of stopping and buffering.  I love how the new router has a dead zone terminator. I plugged it into my bedroom and since then the internet has been amazing! No more worries and all of our connected devices work wonderfully.

This router is LARGE and in charge!  It definately takes up more space then my old one but it is totally worth it because the benefits are amazing.  You can learn more about the Netgear router on the fact sheet.

There are several options to expand your home into the Nest family.  How would you like to be able to monitor your home security?  What about the ability to see what lights are on? Be able to make changes remotely?  All of this can be accomplished with Nest.  So visit your local Best buy today and check out the displays and see just what you are missing. For me, I am a fan of Nest and can not wait to add more to my home. This will save me tons of money and will pay for itself. Isnt your home worth the investment?  I think it is.

 The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Help Galmulet Make a Difference!

Are you a big supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness?
These wonderful new charms are just the thing to give some pretty color and bling to your accessories and also give you something to be proud to show support for.

The Pink Limited Edition Charms were made to help with the Cancer Awareness Campaign.  For every set added to the cart., 50% of the proceeds go to help a charity.

Glamulet was started in 2014 as a jewelry provider that offers affordable, trendy and elegant choices.  You can mix and match these items to support your own special style or to stand out and show support for things you believe in.  With cancer being the 2nd deadliest cause of death for women, Galmulet has started the October Campaign to help stop this horrible disease by 2050. Want to help? Join in and be an advocate too!

Please share. Sharing is caring and we want to spread the word to women everywhere that we can make a difference.

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