Saturday, July 20, 2013

Healthy Lifestyles

I used to be the most unhealthy person ever!  I suffer from several autoimmune diseases and that makes my life hard. But irregardless, I try.  I changed for the best time in my life in mid Feb. I started taking a product called Skinny Fiber. Best choice of my life.  I have lupus, and celiac disease, hashimotos thyroid disease and im type 2 diabetic.  I have PCOS as well. I deal with siezures and body parts that like to lock up.  I decided I could not live that way anymore. So when I started Skinny Fiber, I was pretty surprised.  Within 3 days all the pain I was used to living with was gone. And now 5 months later, I am down 25lbs, and 3 pantsizes. But more importantly, I am more healthy now.  My body doesn't hurt and I am not having siezures all the time like I was before, I feel so much better.  In all honesty I havent felt this good in over 20 years and that is saying something for me. I have seen so many drs that shook thier heads and told me this and that was wrong with me, to find out that I was suffering because of being misdiagnosed for so long, its really heartbreaking.  But with Skinny fiber, I have a life again!  So I am excited. I want to share with everyone just how amazing this product is!

First of all its not just for weight loss, its also for healthy living!  It helps reduce blood pressure and so much more! Check out the pics below!

If you want to learn more about it please check out the website  Full video and info on all natural ingredients and how it works. You won't be sorry!

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