Monday, January 19, 2015

Topic- How to handle a Bully

Right now a friend and I are dealing with a huge cyber bully.  She is attempting to run my friend thru the mud all because since 2002 she has by request only created bracelets, necklaces, neckwear, and leashes to go with the beautiful dresses she creates for dogs and cats and decided to do it public vs per request.

One of her customers got miffed because she thinks that only her pet has the right to wear a bracelet and thru a fit.  Now she has posted publicly on her page that we are trashy and we are liars and thieves and all this nonsense. Now mind you people this person hides behind her dogs page.

While she is going overkill she is really trying hard to ruin not just one but 2 peoples businesses.

She is directly slandering our names. However, I am being referred to as *the business partner*. Mind you all I have been making jewelry for countless years. I offered to do the jewelry end of things to give a very busy friend a hand.  Now with that being said, you all know I custom cut and shape stones, wire wrap, wire weave, cold forge, metal clay, bead, and much more in my jewelry business.  And I have all my life. I got back into Lapidary work after leaving it for 16 years.  I refuse to let this bully harass me and so I will ask what would you do?

My friend is about to take all the evidence that has been posted to her page, in her chat convos and whatnot straight to the attorney and take care of it legally. But how would you deal with a cyber bully? I would say report the page.  Make sure you report the bad slanderous posts and move on. If you run a business make sure you have your proof so when speculation is posted you have proper notations of what has been done to you.

Sign and create a cease and desist letter and mail it or email it and go from there.

Curious about what is going on?  PM me and I would love to explain and show proof of how sad some people are with themselves.

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