Monday, March 23, 2015

Leather Nova Leather Cleaner, Conditioner & 2-in-1 Cleaner + Conditioner Review

Disclosure - I recieved one or more items for free in return for an honest review. No matter what is recieved my opinion is my own and is in no way associated with social media. This review is powered by Brandbacker.

I have a few leather items in my home and I was always afraid to clean them because I didn't want to damage the material. One chair I have was pretty beaten up as I have children and got it from a friend that has children too.  Needless to say, it needed cleaning and I really thought it wouldn't come clean but I decided to try these products and I was pleasantly surprised.

When I recieved these items, I was curious to see how it would work on an old beat up gamer chair.

Here is the before pics. Dry and dirty and yes has some kitty pin holes from claws.

After, the color looks way better, Nice shine to it. The top area is clean but is worn out from lots of use hence the darker spot. That did not come out. But check out the shine on the leather now!  Marker came off from kids writing on the chair before we got it.  That was awesome.  I even did my buddies wallet to see how it affected his leather and it was awesome. It got the sweat marks out and it brought back a rich chocolate swirl color to his leather. It became much softer and looks almost brand new.

I have to say I recommend this product.  I was very skeptical but was pleasantly surprised.  If it can save this old beat up chair (BTW my HUSBAND thanks you Leather Nova) from being a curb alert then it surely can do wonders for other leather pieces that are in much better shape then this chair.  The combination of these products made a huge difference and the condition of the leather is so much softer now then it was when we started. I am going to continue to treat the chair and see how it progresses over time with better care.  This works on boots, wallets, sofas, cars, saddles, purses and more!

You need to check these products out!

I give them a 5 STAR review. The products work and pictures don't lie so get yours today!
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