Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Joly Life back up and at em!

I wanted to apologise as to not having as much content going as normal. I recently started a new job and work 12 hour shifts and come home really hurting and tired because as most of you know, I have lupus and diabetes as well as a number of other health related issues. This was a new thing for me after working for 2 years to drop weight and get my health in better control to allow the mobility to go back to work. I still have a long way to go however, but i have been able to go back to work and that was a huge accomplishment. Do I hurt? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely. So let me tell you why I can say this. I took a job working for the Macys Distribution Center. We are a direct to customer based warehouse. I work in Packing, which means if you order it, I and others will be safely packing it to head to your doorstep. However, I also work in other departments as well like Prep. In this area I am taking a vendor box like for instance Ralph Lauren, or Micheal Kors and sorting the items in the box out into separate boxes based on size, color, and things of that nature. One box at times can be split into over 140 boxes. So is it tedius...? Yep. But, I get to stay busy for 12 hours and if you know me and follow me, you know I do not sit idle for long. The one thing that makes this job totally worth it is the people we work with. The managers and co workers are amazing. We get thanked for working. Things we do are noticed and we get proper breaks. If we have health issues and have a problem, it is not brushed under the rug. For instance, my blood sugar dropped on me at work because my body wasnt used to the 12 hour shifts. I did something about it but was still feeling horrible and shaky. My manager could have been get back to your area and ignored me. ( I have had this happen before in other jobs) but instead, he said I will be back to check on you if you aren't back to me in 10 mins. He ended up with us sitting in his office talking while my body got more stable. That meant the world to me to know that he values me as a worker and respects that I have health problems and at that time I needed to get it better so I was not a risk to myself, others or in danger of conveyers. A lot of jobs wouldn't care. I can not say that for other places I have worked. When I go in I am ready to work, ready to bust my rear, and the reason is I see my managers working too. They answer questions and want to make everyone the best they can be and keep it peaceful and a great place to work. When we have a problem it is dealt with immediately and not left on the back burner. So anyhow, I am working weekends and Monday and Tuesday I usually am still pretty sore and swollen. Lupus hates this kind of work and my joints ache, but, I do it every weekend and its getting easier. I have been focusing more on Amazon reviews lately to get my numbers looking better and have more items to review and see what else I can show you that has worked for me. On a brighter note! I went to the Dr and a lot of the issues with my bloodwork last year have went to normal levels since I started doing the natural products and essential oils. I am still working on my diabetes but so far the other bad items have calmed down. I am still working hard. I would love it if you would share some posts that have been especially helpful to you over the last few years and bring new readers in because I have a slew of products to talk about and will be making more posts Mon-Thurs now that I am not completely worn out after my weekend work. I am starting to get used to this and ready to share what I have learned recently. So be ready. Thank you all! Tiffany
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