Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beautilee Sponge and Kabuki set Review

Hello readers!

It is Tiffany again to share with you a product that I have shared all over my facebook, twitter and instagram. I really love this product and you need to check it out.

Using the beautilee sponge was super easy and I love the kabuki brush. Thanks to amazon my reviews got eaten and I am having to post this one here now but that is ok because I have more plans to bring things to you all again. As you know, I do not share products I do not believe in. These items were very easy to use.


My routine is to wash face, and then apply moisturizer and give it a second to set in. Before I start applying makeup.
Then to use the actual sponge...

Wet sponge and squeeze out excess water.  Apply your favorite liquid foundation in dabs around your face, nose, chin and forehead.  Blend in well using a dabbing and swiping motion. The sponge since it has water in it gives almost an airbrushed look to your foundation.
I then use cream blush and contour if i desire and again blend out. Then I do my eyeshadow and concealer. Again blending with the beautilee blender. Once I am done I open and use the kabuki brush in loose powder to set my look and I am ready to do my lips and off I go. Very easy to use.

Once you are done I take a mild soap and gently wash the blender til no more makeup runs out. Once it rinses clean I set it on the plastic insert for the sponges and allow it to air dry completely to prevent mold or other unpleasant things.

They come in a nice pretty case that is also a double duty stand to hold the sponges after they are dry.
I really loved that part because some other ones I had tried before did not come with anything to hold them after they were dry and they ended up getting dirty in my makeup bag.
I love the results I get with them. See the image below.

The sponges are easy to use. As you look at this picture I am fully blended out. Normally I would not use liquid foundation anymore because as I have gotten older i was getting lines and hated it. I can show you what my makeup looks like before the Beautilee Sponge and Kabuki set. The image below was using regular brushes for makeup and powders.

This is me with NO makeup!

I am very happy with this product and would love you all to follow this brand because they are coming up with great things.

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Disclaimer. I recieved this item for free to help facilitate my honest review. My words are my own and receiving an item to review does not sway how I feel about a product.
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