Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I have been doing extensive research and found that even with the past years weight loss of 65lbs (yay me), I am still having some stomach problems.

To begin with I have Lupus, and I also have a few other autoimmune diseases.  I have a thyroid disease called hashimotos as well as Celiac Disease which makes me allergic to all gluten items.  I have more issues but that would make this a really loooooong boring post.

Anyhow last year I started a product called Skinny Fiber. It is a great product and helped me with many of my lupus and celiac related issues.  I am still taking it because it works so much better then anything I have tried to help with my Lupus. However, Skinny fiber I origionally got to help me lose weight.

So let me answer a few questions I know you have right now...

1) Your post says probiotic....yet your talking about skinny fiber.....What gives?

A) Skinny fiber works to correct the body by cleansing the color and removing BAD toxins as well as BAD bacteria in your colon.  So that is part of the reason I bring this into the post at all. Bear with me its worth it.

2) Ok..So does it work?

A) Yes... very well for more then weight loss.

3)What is in it?

A) It is Glucomanna, Cha de bugre, and Caraluma Fibriata.  Plus a blend of 7 enzymes.  Do a little research and you will be amazed!

NOW onto the PROBIOTICS!!!

After a year of skinny fiber i decided to take a break from it to test how long it would take for the effects of it to work its way out of my body....i found for me (you might be different) it took about 3 full months.  After that point i started having gut issues again!

I tried to continune greek yogurts becasue probiotics help wonderfully.....but wasnt getting the results i got with Skinny fiber.

So i started looking at probiotics. I discovered that 905 of people with weight issues have issues becasue thier body is over ridden with Candida. Yes the same bacteria that causes yeast infections and thrush, but I also discovered that when you have way too much Candida it can reporgram your body and basicaly cause you to crave sugars, even artifical ones and that is in everything.  So I think to myself ok self, I don't eat much sugar due to my diabetes....and i need to use artificial sweetener, and so thats not a win win, and now i find that all artificial sweeteners are bad for you and are basically poisonous....and im just baffled. But, I kept searching and found some interesting reads. First of all if you take good probiotics at least 10 different strains and at least 10+ billion live cultures (via pill form) it can help balance you even faster. I also found even better then pill probiotics would be fermenting your own vegatables...one teaspoon is enough to help you back in order even faster then the pills.  I will start writing more about this as I learn more. And i will link you to some good information.

Great articles and pages for Probiotics:)



The American Parasite Video (Watch it all the way thru) By Keybiotics

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