Saturday, March 1, 2014

Today was not a good day.

Well, if you have recently followed my facebook you know we have had some bad luck, cars were broke down and my brother came up to help get it all working. After he left, and cars were running I discovered someone had tampered with my van.  I am missing engine mount bolts and transmission mount bolts.  That being said temperatures have been chilly and with my lupus going to the junkyard was an issue. But today I made it out to the yard.  I got someof the parts I needed for my husbands vehicle and found a couple bolts for my van.  However, in the midst of getting parts I seemed to have pulled my right arm very badly. It hurts to move it, from my shoulder to my middle finger, and now my neck and shoulders are hurting too.  This is not good as I am still trying to get my reviews written up and finished from all the craziness from the last 2 months.  I am trying very hard to get things rolling on a more normal level but it just seems like one thing after another keeps getting thrown at me.  But please know I am trying but as a Mom of 3 active kiddos who has several serious health issues, it may take me a bit to get totally caught up. I hate being behind but with the death of my mother and everything that followed it has been a real nightmare.  But I love and appreciate you all.  This includes my followers, my friends, the wonderful companies that allow me to do reviews and everyone in between that has helped this blog grow.  Not to mention the other bloggers that have helped me learn the ropes in this kind of blogging.  Expect bigger things to come as 2014 gets going.

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