Friday, July 11, 2014

Exciting news! And Blogger Opportunity!

SOOOOOO, You all remember when I was working hard to find a product and started using Skinny Fiber and had pretty good results, and then I ended up leaving the company due to being told that my Jewelry Business that you all follow and love was a conflict of interest?  Yes I am talking about SBC here.  And my personal account that I design my jewelry #JTCreationz.  Well I had moved on and found out there was more going on there then what I had origionally known.  I won't get into it here but needless to say I will not associate with a business that doesn't treat loyal customers and associates fairly. Did the product work yes. But I can not purchase in good will a product that is made by a company that likes to play games with people depending on where they stand with the company and that is that. Now friends and readers, A dear friend of mine that also used to distribute for SBC approached me to see if I was still a DT. I explained to her what happened and why I felt I needed to leave. See JTCreationz and this very blog where what kept us going when my husband lost his job and was out of work for over 9 months.  Why should I have to give up my passion (design) for a business that is very self centered?

So my friend told me about Trimdown. I looked at the ingredients and was immediately on board and here is why.  I do reviews. I know the ingredients in this product work because I have reviewed them on thier own. Add them into one AWESOME product and you have a great idea and an even greater product. Now here is the exciting part.  I weighed myself on my Surpahs Scale (review item) 2 weeks ago to test it out. So that was about June 27th,2014 and I had weighed in at 285lbs.  I am a size 16 down from a 26 with the first company product. A total loss of 65 lbs over the course of a year.  Now here is what blew me away today...

I have been on trimdown for 6 days.... I repeat 6 DAYS!!!!  I decided to weigh myself and I am down 21 lbs and weight in at 264.4. Does this new product work. OMG yes!  I havent really changed anything other then avoiding even more the gluten that I shouldn't have at all but staying gluten free is not cheap so I had had some. And look at my results.  Heck YA!

So you can be an affliate and the info is HERE,
Or you can go ahead and try it for yourself here :)

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