Friday, July 25, 2014

Kidney Stones and Trying to work

Apparently this week I developed a kidney stone and it has been horrid trying to get rid of it. I feel like im floating from drinking so many fluids and still not passing. I am going to get things caught up here and hope you all will hang tight. I am feeling ill from this all and if you have ever had a kidney stone you know the pain, nausea, and illness from them.

I want to also make sure you have seen my posts about trimdown global.  I am an affiliate and its a free affiliate program. The product is also amazing and I plan on it being my main regime from now on. Read more about it and you can even order it HERE. Since July 6th I have lost 30 lbs. So I would say its working wonderfully and I am feeling great other then this kidney stone! :)

Also things are crazy with jewelry shows, My business #Jtcreationz and my friend and business partner from #CrystalPistolsBoutique has been super busy with custom rodeo jewelry, anklets, charm bracelets, wirewrapped, cold forged, and woven pieces amongst many other items to choose from. If you haven't heard of it or followed it you need to check out my page on FACEBOOK.  We both do custom orders and I am also doing gem settings as well. You can tell me what type of facted gem you are looking for and I can find those stones as well as custom prong settings to suit your needs. Just ask for more info on my page :)

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