Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Evian Facial Spray Review

As usual I am always looking for new and inventive products.  At first this one was NOT what I expected.  I tried it and wasn't very thrilled with it to be honest. I mean it's spraying water on your face.  I wash my face in the morning and evening and so I couldn't understand the need for this product or how it would help. Nonetheless, I gave it a shot.

Here is a video to help explain its uses.

I actually was surprised.  When I wear makeup my skin tends to look super dry and I HATE getting the lines in my makeup. It is one reason I had stopped using liquid foundation.  I started to use mineral powder which made a difference but sometimes doesn't blend well with my combination skin or the non balanced color I deal with.  Using this spray makes my makeup look more even, I don't get that dry lined look any longer.  It also has helped lessen the need for a facial toner as much.  So does it work? Absolutely.   I was not convinced before, but now I am a total believer in the minerals in this product.   I can use this any time of day and lightly mist my face, and let it soak in. Then I just lightly pat dry the excess and it refreshes my makeup without it running.  So, yes i have jumped on the bandwagon readers. I like this product. I was very skeptical but it does indeed make a difference. I would suggest if you have combination skin or dry skin then give this a good try and it might make a difference for you like it did me.

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