Monday, February 2, 2015

Ultra-15 Probiotic for Adults and Kids Review

Zenwise Labs' Super Strength Probiotic is a great natural probiotic product that helps your digestion and helps to get things moving the right way again. This product is designed to help with your immune system and support and maintain it as well.

This product's Key features are

  • 15 Billion CFU to help promote digestive and intestinal health
  • promote a healthy Immune System
  • Improve mood and energy level
  • relieve stomach discomfort.

For people like me who have Lupus and Celiac disease, stomach problems are an everyday occurrence.  We do not digest properly and our body can attack itself if we ingest things that our body deems hostile. In my case gluten is the enemy and it hides everywhere. With the use of probiotics my body can fight back and I feel much better.

  • Less bloating
  • Less Gas
  • Less constipation/diahreah
  • Less intestinal pain
  • More normal bowel movements
  • More stomach acceptance to regular foods

It really makes a difference for me.  I like how Zenwise offers products for specific purposes. Stay tuned for the next review for the Probiotics that are geared toward Dental health.

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