Monday, August 15, 2016

Live in an Apartment? Suffer with roaches. MUST READ!

Hello everyone.

So today I have a product to tell you about that is amazing. This is a touchy subject for many people because it involves bugs. Now let me tell you first hand ANYONE can get roaches. No matter how clean your house is. Climate can get them to fun inside, water leaks, cracks in your foundation. You will be surprised. So here we go.  We moved into our house about 5 years ago and we saw one or two roaches. I was able to get rid of the few with combat gel and the female egg stoppers. But recently we had an issue with water leaks and I discovered that we were not as finished with roaches as we first thought.

I have been battling them the last few months with 0 success. I was getting so sick and tired of them and then it just seems like they are laughing at us and just getting worse. My issue with this mess was a leaking washer that I am still fighting with to fix completely. I was at my wits end and about to try an exterminator when I found a product that finally works.

I am writing this because I literally can not believe the carnage. It is scary to think what looked like a small roach issue is actually a bigger one once you can see them dying and their friends carrying them off to feed the real army of buggers hiding in your walls.  Ok I know this sounds outrageous but honestly it really works.

Being a reviewer I checked reviews first and found conflicting answers.  The product is called Advion.

 It was made by Dupont and was in a red container. (see image)

The new stuff comes in a blue container and the reviews stated the RED was like roach crack and the BLUE didn't work so I was bit iffy on trying it but decided to see because those reviews were several years old. I figured if they read their reviews they would know to go back to old formula. I am glad to say I was right. THEY ARE THE SAME PRODUCT!!

So anyhow. I have been using this product for less then 24 hours. I have watched carnage.  I am sweeping multiple times a day and they are either dead or dying. They run in circles like they are drunk. Here is another thing. You know how with the average household gels you are back a month later and cleaning up what was never eaten?  Um, I was shocked to say the least that ALL of the bait was GONE in less then 24 hours.  It literally is like a feast for them. I expected to see the bait drying out or nasty by morning. I can find no traces of it and the second it is down, they come out from everywhere even places you could not think they could even get into.

I ordered 4 more tubes of  Advion. I figure this. I paid $11 for one tube and $27 for 4 of the same size tubes. Based on other success stories with this product they claim carnage the first several days and by the end of a week it is almost full kill. Updated reviews claim that total kill happens in less then a week and they bought extra too and only put it down maybe once or twice a year.  And only if they see something. This product has also been used in apartments where total kill is near impossible due to how others live or how long an infestation has been rampant in a building.

This has been the answer to my prayers and it is easy to place the bait and walk away but be ready for the carnage that will follow and you can laugh knowing they are dying and once they are gone you have something that will kill the total populace. I am so happy with this product that I had to share. I did not receive any compensation for this post. I am just thrilled and relieved that there really is something out that that kills them like it says it does and I won't have to get an exterminator for the next who knows how many years. This product deserves not 5 stars but literally 10 stars because it does exactly what it claims and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Very easy to apply and cleanup is virtually none (other then the dead roaches) as the product does its job.

I hope this will help you all as you start families, move into places unknown, or get your own dreaded used appliance that came with *friends*. We all have dealt with this pests at one point or another and now you don't have to worry anymore. Want more info? Here is the PDF from Dupont about how this product works.


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