Monday, October 13, 2014

Phantom Fit Reflective Ankle or Wrist Bands Review

Disclosure - I recieved these items for review purposes and this in no way changes my opinon of the product.

PhantomFit is a great brand of products that is designed to keep you safe while running, riding or exercising.  They are designed to be convienent and high quailty. I recently had a chance to try these reflective ankle bands out and the weather has been pretty awful so this was a great time to test them as visibility is worse at night and even more so when its wet!

As you can see in the image above a small amount of light makes these bands reflect quickly and it makes the light bounce around the area around them. So in essence they light you up!

Phantomfit bands are highly reflective and fit snugly and because they are velco adjustable they fit ankles, and arms.  They are also great for motocycle or scooter riders to help keep them visible in dark or bad weather conditions.  If someone needed to ride at night most people on bikes are not visible in dark conditions unless they have reflectors on the bike. Even so, they are still hard to see unless headlights hit them just right. These ankle bands would solve that issue as the light reflective surface is much larger then the tiny reflective areas on a bike. What about you runners out there?  How many of you own reflective vests for early morning or late evening running? Most don't and aren't visible to drivers unless it is right before the light hits you.  These ankle bands again would solve this issue.  Being visible in dark conditions or in bad weather is a very real problem that I have faced for years.  On both sides of the line too. Walking with kids at night and cars fly past doing 30 over the speed limit, or being the driver and not seeing someone in the road until I am almost on them. It's a dangerous world out there and Phantom Fit is there to help keep you and your family safe.

Some of the features of these bands are they are visible up to 1000 feet.  They offer 2 strips of reflective tape and are securly attached. These bands also use velcro to keep them on and so they dont move around. No need for batteries to been used like some of the other brands out there.  Since they go on normal areas of wear, it is easier to know you are a person when seen in the dark.  Also these bands can be worn on arms as well as long as the area is 10 inches or wider.

These ankle straps will be the last item you would need to aid in your workout endevours.  You should try them today.  You can purchase the reflective ankle bands here.
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