Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's New at JTCreationz and What is up for Destash!

Hello Everyone!

Hi it's Tiffany from Jtcreationz and guess what I have for you all now! I not only make jewelry, but I am cutting stones as well AKA lapidary. I have delved into cold forging, metalsmithing, metal clay, wrapping, weaving and much more  I have waited a long time to reveal some of the new work that I am doing but I am so excited I just can't wait any longer!

As most of you know I have been working to recycle broken or vintage jewelry and in my search for pieces to redo, I came into some great pieces that I won't use so I am selling them as low as possible so people can enjoy them!  I will link the albums below and you can check out what is available for sale, destash and what I am working on with the new stones I'm cutting.

Join me today and come check out JTCreationz for all your holiday needs.

 See more below for the November Show!

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