Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sterishoe 2.0 Is on Kickstarter!

How many of you remember my blog review of the origional Sterishoe?  Read about it if you haven't and come back to see what is new with the Sterishoe 2.0.

  Well it's back and even better with a new concept for the 2.0 version. Come watch the video below and get excited!

I love the new design. And it looks like it would be more universal for all kinds of different shoe styles then the origional version.  Much more compact and still as great of a working machine.  It also works faster and dries shoes out in the process of sanitizing them as well. It also is a One-size-fits-all version so no more having to purchase it in near to shoe sizes so it can be used for more then one person!  I am stoked and can't wait to see the new ones in action. I love the origional product and use it and would definately use this as well! And think of all your friends that work on thier feet all day. These would make a great gift to keep all those shoes clean and fungus, germ, and bacteria free!

I love how this product takes away from having to "wash" shoes and worry about them being destroyed during the process your washing machine and dryer does to them.

Here is your one and only solution to the "stink shoe" problem EVERYONE faces in their daily lives!

The idea behind the Sterishoe is that you place it in  your shoes and turn it on and the UV C lights kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and microorganisms that live in our shoes after a hard days work, walking or sweating.  You can be part of this great new product by visiting their Kickstarter page and donating as little as $1 to help them back this new product.

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