Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tiffany's Chocolate covered Cherries - Happy Thanksgiving.

Chocolate Covered Cherry's
The Easy Recipe :)

By Tiffany Joly

I use Almond Bark bars of chocolate to melt but you can use what you like. I did Vanilla and Milk Chocolate Cherries. 

Things you need

Almond Bark or other chocolate to melt
Candy mold of your choice (I am using a mold for making filled candies)

Heat the chocolate til it is nice and melted in a microwave safe container.  Usually 1-3 minutes.

Fill your mold about 1/2 way in each space.

Place drained marachino cherry in each mold and gently press down but not all the way to the bottom.

Fill the other half of the mold with your chocolate mix

Tap tray til bubbles and chocolate is flat.

Stick in freezer to set chocolate it only takes about 5 mins or so to set them enough to pop them out so you can make more.  

Pop first batch out and keep in fridge to finish setting.

Continue til you are done and the end result is this.

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