Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sorry I been MIA.

Hello friends and followers,
I know I been MIA but I have been pretty sick for a few months and so blogging was really hard for me to do with as many siezures as I have had.  I am currently fighting a staph/mrsa infection in my leg after i had a reaction to neosporin.  So yet another thing I have be found to be allergic to. However, I have been keeping up with smaller reviews on Amazon. I will be moving some of them to the blog shortly as I have been really busy with the shorter reviews for amazon but havent had time to take pics and links and whatnot to make ful blog posts BUT I have lots of exciting items for you all to see.  Check my Amazon Profile to see what I have been up to.

There has been a trip to Massachusettes, and then back home, got Gena here and that was a really long drive especially with lupus as my hip decided to fall out of place during the drive.  And now kids are out of school for the summer.  So things are even more busy here.  But anyhow I wanted to share what has been going on and also give you a heads up, I will be writing a great post for @bestbuy and you have got to be ready to check this.

I also have been super busy cutting stones as normal and so if you are interested in seeing my new items for sale from +Jtcreationz you totally need to go to my album and see what you want.

Here is my Facebook page for JTCREATIONZ
Albums with Items for sale.

I also will work on custom orders.

And if you have computers that are running rough I can handle that too. I have been laid up dealing with my legs so I have extra time to do some computer work now.
Hit me up at Jtcreations Remote Computer Assistance.

I have beaten every price locally for computer repair and I have a 5 star review on my page. I also will barter if you have stone or jewelry supplies I can use for my business.

Talk to you all later!

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