Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bait and switch on EBAY!!! BUYERS BEWARE!

Hello everyone. I just had an experience on Ebay that I would not want anyone to ever have to go thru like I just did.  I purchased 2 items. I will be posting the pics to show you that I paid for them and had a expected shipping date as well...

The seller refunded me and then sent me a message stating they had already done so as you can read in the above picture. Below is the refunds.

After the refunds were made, the notification i got from Ebay showed I needed to PAY for my items as you can see above.  So that made me check Paypal to make sure that my payments went thru. And that is how I discovered the refunds.

 The sellers store no longer shows the same listings I purchased. They removed them and reset them. Ebay was not able to find them to fix this because of the Bait and Switch.

As you can see in the first image and in this one, I was given a rushed apology after they already screwed me and knew it was done. I am beyond livid that this is allowed. As a jewelry designer, if I ever had a mistakely priced something I would still honor what was listed because that is my fault as a seller and I should have to take ownership for that problem. Not be like well lets cancel this order and you just dont get an item. Very bad business.

Here you can see others have had the same problem with this seller and they came back stating they were getting blackmailed.  Seems like alot of bait and switch going on and not wanting to honor thier prices.

My reply to them based on this ordeal... Just so that there is nothing to be misread here...

Then the seller decided to go into PAYPAL and refund my transaction that over rides the EBAY system and cancelled my orders without any disputes.  I just went thru 3 tiers of Ebay escalations about this and apparently if you are a seller and have done the agreement of seller protocal they are supposed to contact the buyer to ask if it can be cancelled but if they go direct to paypal and refund it they can BYPASS this system and I am not the only one they have done this to.

Now mind you I get that people make mistakes. I also get the items are worth more, However when I have purchased items on Ebay before at a deep discount I expect things that are either irregular or maybe missing parts and for the price I was willing to deal with that.  But to have my orders cancelled and NO contact and then a lame excuse AFTER they bypassed Ebay protocal just upsets me to no end. I feel like I was played. Bait and switch. Lure your customers in with 8 items at $3 and then cancel those orders to jack the prices up. Bad bad business and BTW Ebay wont help you.  I went thru 3 kinds of escalations. And all told me that the seller went against Ebay regulations and would be shown in seller feedback for it. But I cannot even get to make feedback so, I am sharing with all of you so YOU also dont get duped by this seller.

The seller name is Bargainsopping.  And No I did not misspell that either. I should have known better when I read the name and it was plainly mispelled. But the pictures show it all and there they come.

Sorry to let you all know but Ebay apparently has let Sellers exploite the system now.


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