Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book Review - Emotional Assault - Recognizing the Abusive Partners Bag of Tricks

By Lisa Kroulik
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This book hits home not just for me but with many individuals. Ladies and Men alike!

Emotional Assault explains the different tactics that individuals use to control the other person in the relationship. What steps they would take to control the other and how to manipulate them while making others think everything is hunkey dory.  I know weird choice of words but so very true.

While reading this book I came across scenarios that I have also been a part of on both ends of the scale, from emotional abuse that was very verbal, to physical as well.  One can't stop people from viewing physical abuse but mental emotional abuse might not leave a physical scar but can definately leave invisible ones like gaping wounds that one never heals from.

As someone that has been thru this at times the person on the recieving end is blind to what the abuser is doing to them. They think this is normal and nothing is wrong and refuse to believe that things need to change. Eventually they come to a breaking point. That breaking point opens floodgates as emotions rip apart and after that the whole scene comes so much clearer.

Why is this the case?  The abusee finally comes to the conclusion that this isn't right, that they shouldn't have to deal with this, and that its not love that causes the abuser to treat them as such. They finally start to get a fresh perspective and want to have a good change for themselves.

So how does this pertain to the book?  Well in the book the different tactics are outlined with clear examples from the authors own life to explain how her ex husband used these tactics during and after her relationship with him ended. She also writes about what her ex husband and his mother do to her even though she is remarried and her children are well cared for.

If you are looking for an emotional ride and a full reality check with what REALLY happens in a a emotionally abusive relationship, this is the book for you.  Emotional Assault will prepare anyone that is in denile about what they are dealing with in their relationships with a way to identify and actually see what is going on and how to change it and not feel guilty. It clearly outlines what one can do to not blame oneself for the relationship issues.

I rate this book 5/5.  It is very good, very informative and down to earth.  I praise this author for speaking up about her experiences and helping others know when Enough is Enough and it is time to break it off and move on.

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