Friday, November 22, 2013

The Moodsign Review

The Moodsign is a item designed to help bring desire back into you and your loves life.  I recently had a chance to recieve this product in exchange for a true and honest review. Now let me explain about this product.

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The Moodsign Device and cards (blank ones shown for PR purposes)

Not all the cards are blank. I have these shown so that it stay family friendly. Some are mild and some get a lil more Risque. :) All in good fun for adults!

This product is technically an adult product. Now lets be real here.... Have you ever wanted to tell your husband or wife what you feel like tonight?  But let's say you have kids around and so you can't be all PDA or out in the open about what you are wanting?  The moodsign makes this easy and its so simple you can even have it around your children.

It is a simple color system.  A little box with a antenna for him and her!  You set your color and can leave it out around the house if you so want to.  The kids are none the wiser, however for you and your love.... the color means tons.

So how do you know what they are wanting?  Its simple. The colors correspond to different card types in the deck. You even have some blank ones you can add things to.  Yes some of the cards are very racy but they are tasteful as well. I do not recommend the cards being left where children could find them as even though they are written tastefully, someone could get the wrong ideas from them if they don't understand what they find. However, I think this a fun way for couples to spice things up without being afraid of scaring the kids :)  Oh Hubby's have you ever wanted to know what She wants?  Oh Wives what if he could answer back without ever saying a word? You see its as simple as choosing a color on yours or his side and the mystery is solved!

What do i rate this?  5/5  (honestly I would go an 10/5 because it really is ingenious!)

Here is the video for the Moodsign.

I have 3 kids, and none of them knew what the device was.  Hubby understands and that is all that matters.  It has brought some interesting nights to us as well as some well deserved one on one time where ya just want to cuddle.  I encourage this if you have any communication issues since this is a great way to say what you want and not leave lots of questions unspoken.

(Disclaimer - I recieved one or more of the items mentioned above in return for a full and 100% honest review. While my opinions might not be the same as others, none the less they are true and honest. No other compensation was recieved.)

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