Monday, September 30, 2013

Sterishoe Review (updated!)

Sterishoe is an amazing product that uses UV sterilization lights inside shoes to help kill bacteria and microorganisms that casue foot odor and athletes foot.  These lil inserts are one the most amazing things that I have ever seen.  Are they worth the pricetag of $129? Absolutely.  Even better they are offering a coupon good til the end of 2013.  The Code   TJLFREE910   Gives you  FREE SHIPPING!

  I used ours on my husbands and my shoes.  He has a problem called Venus Statis and ends up with infections on his legs from different things. Since the Sterishoe, this has lessened considerably and leads me to think that most of his issue might be from wetness in his shoes v/s lack of blood flow. But I am not a dr, I just know what I have observed.  To use this product you place it firmly into the show. Place them in the bags provided and turn them on. They turn off automatically after about 45 mins.

Here is what they look like and the packaging.
Neatly and tightly packaged!

Comes with cord, straps, the UV lights already installed, 2 bags for placing open backed shoes in for sterlization and 2 sterishoes. As well as instructions :)

Close of of this amazing little light that does so much work!

Inside the box even has a troubleshooting guide should you see something unusual during use, here is how you fix it :)

Overall I give SteriShoe  10/10!!!!  I really love this product and so should you!

And now they have a Sterishoe 2.0! YAY!
Check it out on Kickstarter and my blog.

Disclaimer - The Joly Life blog recieved this item in return for a full and honest review of this product.  The opinions expressed above are my own honest and true feelings of this product. 
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