Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kindle Book Review - Fat Loss - All in one Startup Guide for Maximum Fat loss!

An All In One Startup Guide For Maximum Fat LossBy Joseph VarthasVisit his Account herePurchase On Amazon here
Discover how to burn fat fast and how to lose those extra pounds.
In Fat Loss - All In One Startup Guide For Maximum Fat Loss you will learn what is body fat and what your ideal body fat percentage should be. You will also learn how to get a lean body by following some simple fat loss secrets. You are going to find out what foods and drinks you should incorporate in your diet in order to burn even more fat. Furthermore you will learn how to exercise to maximize your body's fat burning capabilities.
Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn...

  • Why learning about body fat will get you fit faster
  • What to forget and start fresh - Fat loss myths and common mistakes
  • Do's and Don'ts - Fat burning laws/rules
  • What to eat and drink for fat burning
  • How to exercise for fat loss - Cardio and Strength Training
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding fat loss

What I really like about this book is it isn't like most other fitness books I have read before.  It really goes above and beyond to help you understand not just your BMI, but also how hormones released during exercising can affect how your body loses or stores fat.  There are many explainations throughout the book that really give you something to think about. What are healthier choices; what might be a good type of workout; What foods are best to eat for what you aim to achieve in your weightloss goals?  These are just some of the questions that are answered in this book.

There were several things I didn't know. For instance that hot peppers have capsacin in that and it helps boost your body's metabolism. I guess a little spice is good for you afterall.  I also didn't realize that really cold water makes your body have to heat it up so it helps jump your body to burn more energy to warm it up.  I like how the author explains the difference between cardio workouts and strenght training and how both help you lose weight in different ways.I love that there are sample workouts. I love how there is a good example of how to set your tredmill for a steady workout that really will burn some calories.  This book is just a beginning to more then just fat loss but a true lifestyle change. The explainations are easy to understand and I believe that it's a very helpful book.In my case I have several health issues that prevent me from doing hard workouts. I also have digestion issues. This is also covered in this helpful book.  I already made a diet change over a year ago, but with this book I can easily add things I might not have known to tweak my diet even more.  I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking better simpler explainations to why we gain weight and how we can tackle losing it and getting a jump on being healthier.I rate this book 5/5You can purchase it hereDisclaimer - The Joly Life blog recieved this ebook as compensation for a honest and 100% true opinion of the item recieved. The ideas expressed above are my own and I share what i deem to be good for my readers on my blog. 
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