Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Topic - 10-10-13 People who have influenced me throughout my life.

People who have influenced me throughout my life.

Let's see here.  My mother taught me to always try no matter what even if I felt like I couldn't do it.  
Because of issues in my life, I would say that my uncle influenced me indirectly due to his own issues.  I won't go into detail but seeing his struggles as I grew up and seeing how his life turned out, made me want to make sure I wouldn't have my children behaving the way others have treated him.  People like my best friend since I was super young Sasha, and her mom and family that have stuck by me even though we havent seen each other in about 9 years now, but still talk remind me that family is the people that you hold dear to you even if they aren't always right there next to you. They are definately family but live very far away, and every picture and talk makes me so happy they have been there for me and I always know they are a phonecall away.

People I have watched that struggle to work, or support kids and put them first before themselves show a true appreciation for little things.  It gives me strength to know that anything is possible if you believe it.  I watch people like my friend Jeannie, that will gather items for people that are homeless or older people in the nursing homes to make thier lives a little easier.  Or her husband Gary that has helped me when I was really broke with my vehicle issues.  They make me have hope that there are still people in this world that actually care about others and not just out to make a quick buck. Believe me all these people apprecate what you do! I know I do.

I look at our government heads and I get really sad to see that our country is being ran as if the people don't matter that much. They want to keep taking from the lower class and keep paying off the richer people.  Spend as if where the money goes has no limit.  It saddens me but I hope for a change where things start to come out of the resession and we rely less on the government for things since they show no care for what they have done to so many during this shutdown.  But I alone can't make a change and with as many people fighting one another or blaming others over race or sexual preference, I dont see good changes being made until we all learn to accept people for what they are and thats it. People. Same blood color no matter the skin color, and all of us are a little weird in our own ways. So why pinpoint it. There is no "normal". 

Why are my opinions so off the charts? Its because i have been influenced by the many races, the many heritages of the people in my life. Whether they are family or friends or even people that I have met online from across the world, I find we all seek one commonground. We want friends that are interested in us, or things we do and we reach out no matter what the case is.

Hope I haven't bored you but this kinda explains me a bit in a nutshell too.
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