Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Topic - The need to vent some days LOL

Today has been one that makes me want to write in detail how frustrated I truley am at the point. BUT, I will spare you that and tell you about what i was doing today instead.

I reformatted my computer since i hadnt done it in 3 years and low and behold no more jacked up posting, no more lagging.  I am finally able to get things done at the same pace i can work at and not have to wait on the computer to catch up. I am trying to get more orders finished and mailed out, I am trying to get posts up and contests up and more topics caught up, but as I am doing that, I am also reading to finish reviews, and helping others get things done on thier pages on facebook, working on graphics and pictures, trying not to forget what else needs to be done here like laundry, and dishes, and got dinner made. Skipped church cause i have WAY to much to get caught up on.  Ever have days like that where you want to just go to bed and forget it all?

Today has been like that.  Took a walk today and realized that some people truley don't understand how they hurt the other people around them, they blindly follow the path thier signifigant other blazes for them. They dont care that the person went behind thier back to hurt another person or how she has been affected by the rediculous actions of this person.  I see every day the hurt in this persons face and the distress because someone goes thru so much to make thier life miserable and then tells thier signifigant other how shes breaking ties with them. Its completely backwards and horrible.

I am taking a step back in the next month or so from all the things i am doing to get a break and to get it organized where I have some ME time.  I love blogging and reviewing, I love the other stuff I do as well, but am tired of being shortchanged when it comes to people forgetting I have 2 hands.  I have done a lot of free work for people to help them but when I need help it is not there.  This isnt directed at anyone in particular, but I wish people would pay it forward.  This is my need to vent. So here ya go.

On the flip side I have gotten a lot of work done, I helped a friend set her candle site up and that was fun and interesting because now I know how to use a very useful platform that will help me later on when I make JTCreationz a store online instead of just a Facebook page.  I helped a fellow designer get her page a business ID finally, and got some displays drawn up, created, painted and almost finished this week for my showcase with Raw in DEC. Why should i rush? I need as much backup items to show as well as I need to keep up with my orders that still need to be mailed out.  So I have alot to do and not alot of time to do it all in.  But anyhow that was my day so far.
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