Friday, August 30, 2013

Fav Cookbooks!

I love to cook and I will tell you of a couple cookbooks that I can't live without.  When I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with Lupus and Celiac disease, I had to rethink my eating. I had to learn to be GLUTEN FREE!!!!   Let me tell you as an Italian, I grew up with all kinds of breads and pastas. I can cook just about anything. However, when I was faced with not being able to eat gluten that threw a huge wrench into my way of cooking.  You would be surprised where manufactures hide gluten in everyday items.

So I purchased a few cookbooks.

This book has been a godsend!  It explains how to eat gluten free and how to understand the diet. It also has recipies for not just main courses, but breakfast, appetizers, soups, desserts, meat , poultry, vegatarian dishes, asian dishes pastas, cakes, souffles, and so much  more all in one book....Not only a great recipie book, but its a complete recipie book you can use everyday!  This was one of the best purchases I made!

Love to Bake? Can't come close to regular baking results on a Gluten Free diet? This is the book for you!  It explains how to make some mouth watering baked goods that taste amazing and dont leave a bad taste in your mouth afterwards some some prepackaged GF mixes can.  This book doesnt focus as much on main dishes, it does focus on all baked goods, breads, pizzas, cakes, cookies and the like,  all the same its a good one for learning the process for making great GF homemade items.  IT will also save you money when you make your own flour vs buying store bought packaged flour!

This book is much smaller in terms of content, but just as awesome, it tells what the different GF grains are, it also helps you to make your own pasta from scratch.  The desserts and main dishes in here are awesome.  It even gives you recipies for GF ice cream waffle cones. A must try for sure.  Very very yummy.

So If you are starting on your own GF journey whether its for your own private wants, or you need to for your medical issues, i highly recommend these as staple cookbooks in your home. They will help make this GF nightmare more tolerable and fun as you explore tastey options for your newfound diet and pallet.

I hope you enjoy my review and check out the books above they are amazing!  The opinions in this review are my own and I was not compensated for writing this review. I wanted to share with you these amazing books to make your life a lil easier!

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