Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mom update

With everything that happened over the last 3 weeks with mom in the hospital we finally have some answers.  She started out with a skinbreak from bumping her wheelchair that the facility did not keep good eyes on nor did they let me know about it til it was about to the point of no return. She had her leg amputated in a 2 part procedure and is doing well. After the 2nd part of the amputation she must have had a mini stroke which rendered her unable to speak for several days. Now that they know that, they are also treating her for siezures since they see signs of it as well. That being said she can now speak more and is doing much better but is still being treated for C-dif and now has a UTI. But aside from that shes doing much better.  Its a long road to recovery for her, and she will be going to a new facility. I am taking legal action on the origional facility due to the neglegence and also to the drs that claimed her foot was fine. If it was so fine why is no longer on her body?  So yes legal action it is.  But that is the update/rant of the day from me.
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