Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I became interested in web site rating and info. I love checking them out and giving my opinion on them. I have been able to do just that and get paid for it as well. is amazing, you do have to take a test in order to be a tester. If you pass then you can get different tests to do on a daily or weekly basis.  They pay you thru paypal.  I really like these because they take very little time and I get to speak what I feel about the sites.  Its nice to get paid a decent amount for your opinon and not have to click tons of survey responses.  Something to think about if you like to be paid for speaking your mind :)

I do not get compensation for telling you about this site, I just really like it and its good for making extra money. Also FYI- when they mail you a test, you need to jump on it pretty fast, they dissapear quickly :)
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