Friday, August 23, 2013

New items from my Jewelry Store JTCreationz

Today I got a ring mandrel. If you havent seen one before they are used to size rings, or in my case create them.

I made 3 today to test it out and learn some new techniques in jewelry making.

Silvertone Copper wite and is a size 6 with a blue stone as the centerpiece. I was going for a eyeball look
This next one is peridot colored stones on copper wire and is bright and shiney and size 9. This was my first attempt at a wire wrapped ring so please be kind.

 The 3rd one is silver tone copper wire and a size 4.  I used a green stone bead as the center and its a very simple ring. I am still learning but these are my first attempts.

Feedback is welcomed and appreciated. What are common sizes? What colors would you like to see? Please join me in JTCREATIONZ for more new items!!!
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