Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Programs I highly recommend.

I have been working on computers for a very long time and there are many really awesome programs out there that can help keep your computer clean and virus free. One of my favorites is called

CLEANUP.EXE You can download it here . Its a great program and it gets rid of cookies and lots of temp files that the normal program built into your operating systems do not always catch. It sounds like a toilet and it works super fast. I highly recommend it and use it whenever I am working on computers remotely or otherwise.

Another great one if you need help and your techie friend lives far away and cant help you....or can they?  I use Teamviewer to remote into my friends computers to help fix what ails them. It allows  a secure remote connection that resets the password everytime the program is started fresh.  It allows the remote user (your friend helping you) to access the computer as if they are sitting at it at your home, allowing them to get into files that need removing, software uninstallation, installation of new things, and cleanup. Basically whatever they need at their fingertips....only downside you must be online for it to work so if you have a crashed computer with no internet access this will not work for you. If this sounds interesting check it out here.

I also recommend AVG FREE antivirus software as it doesnt bog down older systems and it is very secure. It is FREE another added bonus!  I use it on all my personal computers and everything is nice and clean. But I also make sure I keep up with my computer and am careful about what I install and who uses my systems.  However, its a great way to keep up to date with antivirus definitions for free!  So if you need antivirus software and cant afford a full version AVG FREE is the one for you. You can download that here.

These are just some of the free helpful softwares available online that help you out. I will share more as my blog grows. I can't give you all my secrets can I?  LOL

This blog is in now way recieving compensation for anything stated above. These are the bloggers sole opinions based on her experiences with said products.
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