Friday, August 16, 2013

Gluten Free- Guilt Free Banana-Choc-chip and walnut oatmeal cookies

So why are these cookies so dang good?  Why are they guilt free?  Oh and tastey, yes they really are!!!

Can't be true can it?  Well these cookies have NO flour, sugar, or salt, or butter in them, and yet dissapear just as fast as if they did.    So want the scoop?  OK I will give you my recipie but make sure you link back to me please :)  Thank you ever so much!!!!!

Tiff Joly's Easy Gluten Free- Guilt Free Banana-Choc-chip and walnut oatmeal cookies

What you need :

Several Overripe Bananas ( I used an entire bunch cause I make lots and keep them for later)
Instant Quick Oats (any brand works)
Chocolate Chips (one bag for a huge batch, half bag for smaller batches)
Walnuts - or any other nut for adding to cookies.
2 Eggs - (optional)
1 tsp vanilla

Preheat Oven to 350 F

The Measurements dont have to be exact either.  One cup bananas to about 1/2Cup Oats.
  So you can really play around with this recipie and add things to it.  Remember bananas act as your wet ingredients so you want to mash them really well, add oats and vanilla (eggs also if you add them go in now) till you get a sticky and what looks a bit dry oat/banana batter. Let sit a few moments.

One cup bananas to about 1/2Cup Oats.

Once the batter has rested and gets the wet texture to it you can add in your chocolate chips, or nuts and any other items you want in your cookies.  If the batter seems more dry after adding extras, you can add eggs as a binder. You dont have to have them in there. You could easily add an extra banana as well.  I add eggs to help keep the form on the cookies.  Pure preference :)

Another note - if you are used to making oatmeal cowboy cookies and how they expand, this recipie does NOT do this. So if you want thinner cookies use a fork like in peanut butter cookies to form them a lil better, or you can make them into balls and they hold thier shape too (this is great if you like doing chocolate coated cookie balls)

They take about 10-15 mins to cook, just keep an eye on them once they get a light brown color they are done.  Let them cool and they are a chewy soft cookie that tastes very similar to banana bread with chocolate.

Enjoy your guilt free cookies.  Just as with any sweets don't go overboard and enjoy them but who can resist LOL.  If you need any help with this recipie just comment below. I tried to give you options and ideas but you can change it up with your favorite ingredients. This is for fun and healthy sweets.

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