Sunday, August 11, 2013

Long 2 Weeks

Two weeks ago today my mother was admitted to the hospital with an infection in her ankle that I was told was a pressure ulcer. I found out yesterday that it wasnt a pressure ulcer at all and that on May 31st she hit her ankle on her wheelchair and had a skinbreak that didnt heal and that is how this mess on her foot started. It got worse and worse til the nurse on weekends finally got them to let her go to ER.  Since being in the hospital we found she needed 2 surgeries, she was very weak and the first one was to tget the infection under control. That ended in an ankle amputation.  After 4 days and getting her stable they went in and finished the surgery and amputated the rest of her leg above her knee, looks to be about mid hip.  She was out of it for 4 days, wouldnt eat, or wake, and yesterday finally woke up after they gave her a feeding tube and got half a container of pureed food in her stomach. Now that she is awake shes unable to talk, but she is communicating with head shakes and nods. I noticed her eyes arent dialating and shes droopy on the right side. They said its possible she had another mild stroke. No one knew because shes been so out of it. But the drs and hopsitalists are checking her out even more. I am trying to stay positive but I have to face the reality that I dont know whats going to happen in the next few weeks with her and if shes really going to be OK or not.  But that is why its been quiet on the blog, between hospital runs, jewelry design, kids, calls from drs, and finishing computers that are needing repair, its been super crazy around here. I did get back to working on new stuff, check out my webpage  for the newest items that I have made and more will be running in the weeks to come as the kids go back to school this week.
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