Thursday, September 5, 2013

5 Ways to win my heart - Topic

5 Ways to win my heart? That is pretty easy.

1) Be Honest!

2) Little things mean more to me then money or items ever could.

3) Be able to understand and accept the real me underneath what most others see on a daily.

4) Don't expect more from me then you are also willing to give in return.

5) Be able to handle things 50/50 and don't just say it show it too.

I know these might sound like a cliche, but I really do care about these things. If someone came at me with gifts things get weird.  It is not something I am used to. I'd rather keep to simple things that mean a lot to me, then to go way extravagant.  I also like mutual respect.  But that is the topic for tonight, I am a few days behind so will have more to write about here shortly :)

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