Thursday, September 26, 2013

Donna Michelle Salon Basics Nail Stickers - Review

I purchased Donna Michelle nail stickers to get an idea on how polish strips worked. I bought these for only $1 at the local Dollar Tree store , here in Oklahoma. They carry many other products from name brands as well...

These strips while being super affordable were also super easy to apply.  They have several great designs and as I was test running these I only bought one set, but am ready to back and get more.  Below are the images of the strips on my nails.

As you can see in the images above the colors pop and you get a nice shine. The dust around my fingers is from lightly buffing my nails prior to the application.

In the Image below you can see they send a little nail file to help remove excess once you are done applying them. They also give you 10 strips.  I didnt need all ten as my nails are short for the work I do with Jewelry. I was able to reuse strips to do 2 nails on average.

They also come in a little Ziplock container to keep the adhesive fresh. This is not pictured but is in each package.

Overall I rate them a 5/5.
They are easy, they look great. They are affordable!

So check out your local Dollar Tree for these and other great items.

Disclaimer - The Joly Life Blog did not receive compensation for this review . It is soley the honest opinion of the blogger, regarding this product.  Any questions please contact me with the links above. Thank you!
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