Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Topic- Views on Mainstream Music

I am a very eclectic music listener.  I love pretty much all kinds. My thing about music is that people in general blame what a song says on how the youth of today and some adults act. I cannot agree with that sentiment.  Music makes you feel. Music helps you deal with emotions.Music can make your soul bleed and make you have tears come to your eyes or it can give you chills.  The whole emotions behind music is a wonderful feeling. Now.... on to the effects of music...

if someone says - I want to bang them up, shoot em up. Does that make me want to grab a gun and shoot someone? No.

If someone talks about going to strip clubs and messing around with random people.  Nope not me. It's not who I am. And that being so I won't listen to songs that dont touch me emotionally.

Do I think that it affects our kids?  I am not sure. If we are careful what we allow the younger generation to listen to, maybe that would make things better?  Depends on the person and thier emotional balance at that point.  I think that artists have a right to express thierselves.  If we don't like a song or artist no one is forcing us to listen to it.  So let an artist have lyrics you or I dont agree with. Someone else might love it.  I don't feel we should blame an artist for someones actions.  That person had a choice to do something and they could just as easily not have done it. Why should the artist be the blame.

That is my rant for the day.
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