Sunday, September 1, 2013

Homemade Curry and Rice - Tiffany Joly's Homemade recipie

Oh I know everyone loves food and recipies.  And I love to make things from scratch.  Since I have a picky husband, I decided to try something one night to see if he would eat it LOL... I love curry. Some of my favorite to make is Deer Curry but unless I get ahold of hunter friends during deer season its hard to come by.  You can make this curry with any kind of meat honestly, chicken, lamb, roast, steak, pork. Really the meat isnt important.  I love using fresh veggies also. So you ready for how I do this?  Ok here it goes.

First of all you will want these ingredients on hand...

Some kind of meat (if you want meat in it)  Amount is really up to you.  I use cubed or sometimes just 2-3 steaks and cut them up when raw and add to the pot so it gets incorporated into the finished dish

Potatoes -  5-6 good sized ones chunked.  You dont want them too small or they will cook too fast. I use 1x1 chunks approx when i cut them up.

Carrots - 5-7 long and thick ones  Just slice them thick also  (they add a touch of sweetness to the spicy curry)

Onions - 2 small yellow onions sliced or chopped.

Garlic - 2 cloves fresh, or about 2 TBS of prechopped garlic, or powder (fresh is best)

Curry - (your choice)  I use a yellow curry that has a good spice but its not overly hot.  I add more as needed for taste.

ADOBO - If you are not familiar with this spice it is made by Goya and has many spices together. I use the salt free kind.  Its great because it tenderizes meat has no MSG and includes seasonings I would already be using like onion powder, garlic powder, pepper and the link in a nice blend. (again its to taste)

Get a 5 quart pot and put your chopped potatoes, onions, carrots and meat in the pot.  Add only enough water to cover the ingredients, add your curry and adobo and garlic. Let this cook on high for about 15 mins until the meat is cooked then taste your curry...add additional seasonings if you like. Its up to you how spicey you want it so start with small amounts.  (1-2 tsp per spice)  Increase as you see fit, remember Potatoes will absorb spices, salts and the like so make sure you check your taste on it as you cook it.  As it boils you will see it reducing, the potatoes will take on a yellow look and so will the meat. that is perfectly OK!    After about 30-40 mins it should thicken on its own (potatoes own starch causes thickening of the curry)  If you have excess water and its not thickening you can take some of the hot broth and about 3 tbs cornstarch and mix well to make a thickener and add back to the pot and stir in.  This will cook about 5-6 mins and start to thicken up pretty fast.

Once you get a nice thick sauce, and potatoes are cooked thru then you are ready to eat.  I add butter in the kids bowls at the end to cut the spice back and give it a creamy flavor they love.

I generally make herbed rice to go along with this.

2 Cups Rice
4 Cups Water
2 bunches fresh rosemary
2 bunches fresh thyme
1 clove garlic
2 Tbs butter
1 tsp salt

Boil rice for at least 10 minutes until soft stirring often until it looks cooked mostly thru, reduce to low heat and keep covered for another 2 mins.  Check rice once its not hard, turn off stove and keep covered and let it absorb the rest of the water then fluff.  Very simple and easy and goes great with Curry!

Disclaimer - You may share any of my origional recipies as long as you link back to my blog.  These are my own and not from another website or page. Please try them out and let me know what you think of them!

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