Sunday, September 1, 2013

Review of D2 tablet with Android Operating System

I purchased a D2 tablet last year from Big lots.  I used it for the last year and I must say I don't have a lot of negatives about it.  Over the last year I have taken it with me for travel and used it with WIFI, I have used it for game playing, reading as it has 3 built in ebook readers like kindle, and nook aps as well as its own library where I can use other file types.  I have played on pintrest, and facebook and many other sites with ease. The biggest issue I had origionally was it had trouble connecting to some wifi types. I later discovered this was because there was an update to the android OS that updated wirelessly and I was not made aware of it.  That caused some issues in applications as well as my wifi.  Once I uninstalled and reinstalled the affected apps, the issues are solved and I have had no more issues.  Useability I give it a 5 star!  Cameras front and back, i really like that!  5 stars!   Portability....I keep it in my purse so again 5 stars.  The only downside is it can be a battery hog if you are doing massive aps or multitasking.  However, you can also use it while it is charging so thats not much different from using a laptop or home computer if you think about it.  Overall its not a bad price and works really well. I am thinking of purchasing the newest edition of it when its released just to upgrade slightly. It also offers a micro SD slot so you can expand the already nice storage space inside it.  There are also many free apps and games similar to what you can get on any android device available for it.  Overall i give it 5 stars.  I do recommend it for the casual user.  I say casual as it will not run high performace like a full blown computer like say an IPAD would.  But for general use, email, web browsing, ebook reading, games and such it performs very well and is a good alternative for a nook or kindle as it gives you more options being that you have browsers and such as well.

Walmart currently sells them. You can view it here

Here is the Manufacturer page if you would like more info (CLICK HERE)

You can customize the background and use different screens to sort your apps.   At the moment its needing to be charged. I will upload more images in a little while to show you all what I love some much about it!

Disclaimer - The opinions expressed in this review are my own and I was not compensated in anyway to write this review. I just really love the product and highly recommend it.
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